Web Development

Web Development refers to the processes intends to develop a Website or a Web Portal. It is about building, creating and generating an informative site about a company or a person. There are various features of Web Development which includes Web Design, Web Content Development, Web Publishing, Web Programming, Database Management, Client-side/Server-side Scripting, Network Security Configuration and amongst other tasks. There are several phenomenon involved while creating a website which differs from a simple website to a complex one which is based on the requirement and necessity. Every single website varies in regards of its layout, design, templates, backend and frontend languages, i.e., PHP, JAVA, .NET and many more. We at Transcendent Strategy, equips all kind of website based on required programming language with imposing layouts and effective Content Curation. Our professionals are well versed with all major aspects required to create an effective website whether it is Static, Dynamic or an E-Commerce website.