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Public Relations Agencies vs Advertising Agencies

Many people confuse public relations with advertising and marketing . Although there are similarities, there are slight key differences.
Probably the most important difference between both public relations, and advertising is the primary focus and its target audience which plays an important role all around. Public relations emphasize cultivating relationships between an organization or individual and key publics for the purpose of managing the client’s image; Advertising is a communication tool used by marketers in order to get customers to act. The basic difference calculated between them is that advertising space is paid while public relations results are earned through providing the media.

Some key points are:

1. Goals & Objectives :

Public relation Agency helps in build brand awareness and reputation to satisfy our clients or individuals. The goal and objectives behind successful PR campaign is to promote the company with strategic work, integrated process in order to build a trust for the company in the market to enhance its business and reach. Advertisements are generated for a specific target market in order to generate sales. They usually focus more on promoting a product or service than on building a reputation.

PR Agency - Goals

PR Agency - Target

2. Target :

Advertisement companies and organizations create ads for the primarily targeted customers while PR professionals work on to capture a large media through their effective relations. Publics targeted through PR can be internal or external. They might include employees, investors, customers, the media, legislators, and also a new category called influencers, which refers to people who have a lot of connections personally, like celebrities or politicians, or people having large followers on social media.

3. Control :

When you buy an advertisement, you have the power to decide how the advertisement will look, what message will it spread among masses, where it will be placed, and when it will run. In it the exposure is directly related / dependent on how much money we spend to it. When it comes to PR, and specifically working with the media, you have less control. The media decides how your information is presented in the news and if it will even be covered.

Best PR Agency - Control

Public Relations Agency - Strategy

4. Strategy :

PR professionals always try to create a short, simple and precise picture , delivering meaningful information about their brand to build a sustainable and dedicated base towards individuals and other stake holders. With advertising, there is a shorter term (goal) in mind. Ad copy is geared toward specific buying seasons i.e. pushing a new product, or promoting special deals to boost sales.

5. Credibility :

Consumers do not believe everything which an advertisement reveals Why? Because whoever is paying for that ad is spreading exactly what the ad says. They’re not going to say “our product is likely to break within a year,” even though that may be the case. Although PR, messages are communicated by a trusted third party, the media, and are far more credible.

Public Relations Agencies - Credibility

So far, the differences are pretty simple and easy to understand, but the ever-growing popularity of social media has started to blur the lines between advertising and public relations.