Established since 1998, Transcendent Strategy is the PR & Branding division of the company named PROCAMB STRATEGY PVT LTD. Transcendent Strategy has established itself as the leading PR Agency in India. Our booming voyage in PR has made us to win intact Media Relations through which help us to exhibit valuable results for our clientele. We have explored our PR Services for every prominent industries be it Corporate, Financial, Logistics, Medical & Health, Education, Gadget & Technology, Art & Culture, Automobiles, Home Appliances, Lifestyle & Beauty. We are known for delivering best Media Exposure and yes we commit no one can beat us to deliver Best Branding Solutions and Media Exposure in any industry. With Successful Dominion in PR & Media, we have successfully spread our diversifications in:

| Digital Marketing |
| Web Development |
| Startup Business |

Who we are?

Transcendent Strategy offshoot Maavyaa World Communications; the leading PR & Integrated Internet Marketing Firm has delivered sincere responses to the clients since 1998. A eighteen years old organization, has acquired an irreplaceable status in the National market.

We are driven by the success stories written by our clients.

We believe in creating new Business Standards and Creative Strategy for our clients which happens to finest kudos from their competitive market place. We uphold our clients in all possible arenas whether it is PR or Digital Marketing which results in hitting the mind of their target audience.

Over the past one decade we have made a unique way that leads us to produce truly world class results for the clients as per their aspiration. To beat their expectations, we are passionately committed to provide our PR, Digital and Web Services Solution as per the client’s requirements.

We aim not only at building the image of the client but also we make them reach to its target customer via our innovative strategy towards making a long term relationship with the clients. We enjoy working under tight deadlines with valuable result-oriented services at economic costs. Thus, we have earned our credibility through long-term commitment to our clients.

Transcendent Strategy ensures that the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Our Vision

To be Global leaders in the field of Communication Management, Public Relations and Integrated Internet Services.

Our Mission

Transcendent Strategy forges effective partnership through clear communication and advice.

How do we serve

“Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer Service is not a department for us, it is an attitude for us.”